Here you will find my on-line photo gallery and some information related to photography and the cameras I use: a Nikon F2/A and Coolpix E990.

The gallery, primarily a JavaScript programming demo, includes a small sample of the photographs taken with my Nikon F2/A and digital Coolpix E990 cameras. I've used the E990 and a small light table to digitize the slides from the F2. I plan at some point to make a jig for slide copying but the hand-held results are good enough as a first pass. I tried out the Nikon slide copying attachment for the E990 but found the results unsatisfactory. Most of the photographs taken with the E990 are only sharpened or despeckled, resized and/or cropped. A few images are more heavily modified. In some cases I've adjusted levels while in others I've removed noise or clutter or rotated the image etc. I've set the E990's internal sharpening to NONE and use external programs like Gimp and Photoshop to selectively apply sharpening if needed. I've found for example that sharpening on smooth gradients like sky or calm water just introduces more noise. There is a comparison of various E990 sharpening settings on a sky picture below.
The gallery itself is currently implemented in JavaScript and includes a JavaScript text LCD screen for displaying notes and the camera settings for the individual photographs. The gallery as a whole is something of a bandwidth hog given all the graphics involved though I have tried to use handlers and timers to pace the downloads. New The file layout and code for the gallery have been updated to improve download performance; for example the gallery will now drop into a less bandwidth-intensive mode if it senses that the network link is slow. The page layout has also been streamlined to improve both download and rendering performance.
This page in portfolio 2 has more detail about how the gallery software works.

Nikon E990 dual USB/Serial cable

This page provides information about how to modify the supplied USB cable to make a dual-use USB and serial cable. The connector on the camera end of the USB cable does have all the pins and solder tags inside. With patience it is possible to open this end of the cable and add in the wiring for a serial cable. The actual wire of the USB cable I have is made by LTK and is USB-specific, Style 20276 with 1 pair (white and green) and two separate conductors (red and black.)

Sharpening Level Comparison

As mentioned above, I have turned off the in-camera sharpening on the E990. This page shows some samples of an early morning sky photograph and the impact of the sharpening setting on the quantity of noise in the picture.

Nikon E990 Firmware Wishlist

These pages include commentary and images related to suggestions for the firmware of the Coolpix E990. The wishlist includes some improvements to the exposure meter display on the monitor as well as a method to display the metered exposure reading on the smaller LCD panel. Finally there is a suggestion for finer control of manual focus using the multi-purpose switch for fine and coarse focusing steps.
The E990 system is based around a Fujitsu SPARCLite processor, the MB86836. The camera I have has firmware version 1.1 installed.

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