image: Queen Angel fish
A stylized Queen Angelfish
mahogany, oak and
reclaimed pallet wood
height ~30cm;
base 8.5cm x 8.5cm

A first attempt at creating a sculpture from the scraps of wood I have piled in the closet. The fish itself is made from a piece of mahogany while the reeds are oak. The sand (base) is cut from a 4x4 beam used in a shipping pallet. I'm not certain what type of wood it is - any ideas?
The pieces are held together with wooden plugs or press-fit joints; no glue or other fasteners were used. There are two blind plugs holding the fish to its reed.
The photos were taken just before the piece was completed.

  image: sculpture / DSCN2975
  image: sculpture / DSCN2978
  image: sculpture / DSCN2979
© 2001, d.holmes
CC BY-SA [Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike] (info)